Daily Summary

​Sunday,  September 17 2017

It was an exciting day at World Congress Neurology, Kyoto today.

Day commenced with a cracking teaching course on disturbance of vision and eye movements.  This was a jam-packed event with lots of tips and pearls from the faculty followed with a lively discussion.

Two plenary lectures covered two important topics- monitoring and engineering memory cells and circuits followed by a session on precision medicine in traumatic brain injury. Both events were sold out events in Kyoto today.

The federation held its elections for the next term today.

These are the successful candidates who will lead the federation for the future.

  • President:  Professor William  (Bill) Carroll, Australia
  • Vice President: Professor Ryuji Kaji , Japan
  • Elected Trustee: Professor Riadh Gouider , Tunesia

Rest of the office bearers will stay as there term is not over yet.

There was large number of valuable teaching courses covering classification of epilepsy, neuroimmunology, stroke, neurorehabilitation, and neuromuscular disorders, autoimmune disorders that were very well attended too.

The birth and progress of African Academy of Neurology  ( AFAN )  was discussed in details at the Africa Initiative.  Second  AFAN will be launched in 2019, Marapeng, South Africa.  Future plans for more collaboration with European Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Neurology , World Federation of Neurology to promote much needed neurology care in Africa. It was heart warming to observe the vision and determination of the leadership of Africa Initiative.

Current AAN president expressed his desire and vision to work with World Federation of Neurology to promote better neurological care through research, teaching and education globally.

There will be twenty travelling scholarships for the AAN congress in 2018 and this will be increased to 25 in 2019. 

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